Leah Kearns

We're creating the connected conscious community for well-being

Leah Kearns

We're creating the connected conscious community for well-being

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Why Now

You feel it too - it’s time to change our social media experience to be more conscious, connected and community centered :: Where the time you spend and who you connect with ripples far beyond the scroll of your finger.

You're realising that we are all connected in some way, you can feel other people's feelings and energy, and you either want to help or move away quickly because you can't handle it.

The is the dawn of the age of Empathy! :: Where information is abundant :: Where discernment is key :: Where you want to live your life knowing and trusting your intuition :: Where humanity is evolving as a collective. Where you perspective shifts from a me to a WE.

Why Join Us...

WE hold space to allow you to be the real you.

You can see an unfiltered newsfeed - organic and unrestrained with all the topics you enjoy and all your friends posts.

You can connect to those geographically closest to you, so you can connect in "real" physical life too!

You can access regular free and low cost events for topics you care about and on subjects that interest you.

You are surrounded by like-minds and like-hearts and as a valued member of our community, be honoured for helping, contributing and offering your experiences, advice and questions.

You can gain rewards through becoming a strong community member and your willingness to share our community with your conscious community, friends and family.

By joining, your membership helps our whole community grow. WE use your membership fee to contribute to our community, building helping and nurturing projects.

WE-Being community is...

A space where energy is everything. 

A place to practice being human and what it means to live in fast-paced societies full of information.

An intentional and evolving well-being journey for our society and the collective human race.

WE co-create aware, passionate and purposeful conversations

WE are in connection with ourselves, our planet Gaia Earth, nature, the animals, and each other

WE are learning to respond,not react, and to lead in our own life and in our communities

WE collaborate to create reciprocity for all

WE joyfully share our wisdom + knowledge

Ready to connect your me to Be in WE? Join Us

Who's Leah?

I'm the Soul STAR+up Entrepreneur. My super power is space holding and as an activator I'm here to help people Be well-beings, create what they came here for + experience their life in its highest potential as a leader of their own life. This is my mission with our WE-Being community :: people to people connection, conscious conversation and community co-creation. Welcome home.

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